“Under one’s wings” is a visual exploration of the phenomenon on the importance of having a safe place in our everyday life. A safe place is where a person feels secured and so comfortable, an abode one can behave in any manner without feeling shy or embarrassed.

Humans today, especially youths go about working all day trying to make ends meet, socialize and participate in many other activities. In this project, I photographed Eyitayo who happens to be a close friend of mine showing his daily activities in his room and his environment. Eyitayo is a guitarist; he explores his creative ideas in his personal space. He feels so relaxed and connects more to himself in his space.

This project was inspired by the curiosity to identify how youths cope with their psychological and mental health. Also, to know how youths cope when they are alone in their personal space. The importance of a personal space for a youth is so underrated. This project aims to make youth see the importance of having and utilizing a personal space.

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