Interrupted cycles

Since 1999, academic strikes have been regularly affecting tertiary education, leaving students' pursuits on pause. Despite these promises, the state of the educational system remains unaltered, failing to meet expectations of seamlessness and excellence. For students and lecturers, it is often a time of financial hardship and boredom, but also it can be an opportunity for self-reflection.

I personally turned to photography during a 9-month strike at the University of Ilorin, in 2020 and developed my career and grew my passion. This is what I wanted to document in this personal photographic project.

Christabel, Philip, Solomon, and Dayo are all Nigerian undergraduates. I followed their daily life, and how academic strike has affected their studies and shifted their career path. Now back on campus, most of the students have kept their businesses going, to enable them to make a living and support their family. From Mass communication to fashion design, from engineering to playing the saxophone professionally, or biology to photography, these stories show the resilience of the young Nigerian generation, who will turn obstacles into new opportunities.

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