Flooding in Lokoja, October 2022 - ongoing

Climate change is real, in some countries, we have drought and excessive heat, while in other countries, we have a high volume of rainfall leading to flooding.

Nigeria is one of the most flooded countries in 2022, over 28 states out of 36 are at risk of flooding. Lots of lives and properties have been lost. Farmlands are washed away, fishes aren't found in the river, and businesses down the drain, are most likely unrecoverable. Over 1.3million people have been displaced since the flood started, I have a lot of questions that need answers. Do you even know how the affected people survive? What are they feeding on? Can the aged or young ones survive in this harsh situation? What will happen to their businesses? What will be the fate of the agricultural sector? What impact does it have on our economy? Will there be a recession?

“After the fall” explores how climate change is affecting human lives and welfare using the aftermath of the flooding issue in Kotonkafe, Lokoja, Nigeria as a case study.

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Honorable mention in COP27 event in Egypt, finalists for #CreateCOP27 by Art Partner.

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